About NEAT



NEAT is the Northeast’s catalyst for commercial and residential development, a developer and facilitator of resources for the broader community, the tie that binds the neighborhoods and businesses together, and the force that spearheads important projects related to the community. We serve the Independence Plaza, Indian Mound, Lykins, Pendleton Heights, Scarritt Renaissance, and Sheffield neighborhoods.


NEAT is a resource for improving public safety in the Northeast by increasing community awareness, coordinating resources, advocacy and being a clearinghouse for data and best practices.


NEAT is a trusted intermediary for all parties involved in commercial and residential development, coordinates with Kansas City for resources, identifies market gaps and connects those with developers, is a neighborhood steward for development, an advocate to Kansas City regarding abandoned buildings and vacant properties, a coordinator of development and building rehabilitation and a clearing house for data and best practices.


NEAT is an identifier of community gaps, connector of resources, and advocate for economic development in the Northeast.


NEAT is an advocate for more and different modes of transportation, walkability, bike ability, and amenities such as parks and cultural assets. NEAT is the coordinator of community-wide PIAC requests and other projects to improve the livability of the Northeast.