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Meeting Minutes:

NEAT has an inaugural Board of Directors that works on forming a 501c3.  We meet on the 4th Monday of the month.

Find meeting minutes below:

NEAT held a quarterly General Meeting on Thursday, September 20th. The presentation was “Incentives and Public Institutions”. A panel of guests provided commentary on a timely and controversial subject:                    • Bob Langenkamp, President of the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City

• Crosby Kemper III, Executive Director of the Kansas City Public Library
• Dr. Bruce Eddy, PhD, Executive Director of the Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund
• Linda Quinley, Chief Financial Officer of the Kansas City Public Schools.                        In order to attract and compete against other political jurisdictions and keep development in Kansas City, some feel that

incentives in the form of tax abatements must be given to real estate developers. On the other hand, public institutions experience budget constrictions that make growth and even providing services at current demand challenging due to a lack of increase in revenue normally received through property tax. The conversation was very spirited and made for an interesting morning. Please view the link to the presentation.

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